Self Help Is The Best Help

Everyone has advocated the policy of self help. Even it is said that those who try to help themselves, the God helps them. So, here is a true story of a boy from Maharashtra, who desperately wanted to visit the Maa Vaishno Devi temple in North India. But due to his poverty, he could hardly afford to go there. However, this is how he managed to make his dream come true.

As I will be giving the true story, I will also tell the boy’s true name. Actually, he is my namesake – Abhijit. Abhijit is our paperboy who took to

this line after the untimely death of his father.

However, he knew the depth of the values in life and always behaved truly. To go with that, he was also a hardworking guy. So, naturally success was not too far off. He saved some bucks from the earnings that he made out of this line. Saving some money was the only way out for him.

As it

dawned to him that only dropping the daily newspapers would not help, he worked extra hard in the evening times on a regular basis. His evening job was also to drop the newspapers which are published in the evening here.

By and by, his business grew. He could afford to employ another guy and pump up the work for a greater income; though in the real sense it was too short. But nevertheless, it was an added advantage for him. We all saw him working so honestly and with dedication that we pitied him.

But Abhijit was a boy of great determination. After some months’ of hard work, there was money enough to make a trip to the temple where people from all walks of life dream of going.

It was the positive attitude and the optimistic view that made the dream come true for Abhijit.

Article Written By abhi_bangal

I am a professional writer and also run a couple of sites on technology and blogging.

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  • systemsmind  15-10-2017
    Self help activity goes well with clear minded , energetic and self motivated individuals because they only show tenacity to sustain it till they see initial success .👍
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    • abhi_bangal  29-10-2017
      You know what, those people are eager for self-help who are motivated and have the urge to do something for their own. And yes, the thought of a clear goal is always in their minds. I think everyone of us should have this thing to achieve success.
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