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Even after tremendous developments in technology, thefts in banks, bank robberies, ATM hacking, ATM breaking have not stopped. If there are brains which can develop technology for the betterment of the society, there are brains which are a step forward and know how to devour it. We still are unsafe.

But as far as traditional practices like writing a cheque is concerned, it can be made completely foolproof. The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India or better known as the ICICI, has set some guidelines for writing a foolproof cheque. It will help you in doing safe business and also

save you of getting cheated.

Have a look what the ICICI issued in public interest

No empty or blank spaces:

Do not leave any blank spaces on the lines when you are done with writing your name. If there is enough of margin left where you would not write, draw a line above the printed line from where you finished writing, up to the last edge of the line.

In the same way, do not leave bigger spaces or margin between

two words. In short, do not allow vacant margin for anyone to write when you have completed yours. It helps in avoiding the misuse of the cheque.

No Corrections:

No corrections will be allowed henceforth. You might have done this before. In case you write your own name by mistake, instead of the name of the person to whom the cheque is being sent, you could correct the same by scratching out your name and putting in the correct one. However, you needed your signature for such corrections. But now, even this layoff too will not be considered.

Cross Cheque:

If you want to give a crossed cheque to any one, you will have to invariably write ‘Ac Payee’ in between the two lines at the top left corner.

Abiding by such rules will certainly help in controlling the misuse of the cheques.

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