Amazing World With Smallest Countries In The World

The world is full of surprises and jaw-dropping realities. Here are a few about the smallest countries in the world.

We live in a world full of surprises, but at times aren't aware of it. Be it, the largest buildings, manmade lakes or just about anything you can think of. They say there are seven wonders in the world that cannot be produced again. Leaving that thing apart, there are other really wonderful things in life that we easily ignore, just because we have them; we don't value them.

However, there are a few examples that not only thrill us to the core but also make us wonder about what surprises the world is full of. This is especially interesting if we know that are such places

in the world where countries are made up of just a few individuals only. Isn't that interesting?

Yeah, there are a few countries in the world like The Principality of Hutt River that has a population of

just 30 people... Yup! Just 30, not even 300. The Principality of Seborga is slightly better with 312 people residing in this country. These are a couple of smallest countries in the world.

But what will give you a head spin is that The Republic of Molossia has a total of 7 people... that's crazy, ain't it? Just 7 people in an entire country. And apart from that, there are three dogs, a cat, and a rabbit too. That makes the entire population 12 including animals. The Republic of Molossia spreads across 0.055 sqkm in area.

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  • goldstay  23-04-2018
    This is the first time I heard about Molossia. What I thought at first was that the smallest nation in the world is Vatican City. Hmmm, it pushes me to read more about Molossia. thank you for sharing.
    reply 1
    • abhi_bangal  23-04-2018
      Yeah, such things are quite interesting to read. And they are also informative too. But I liked that you liked the article. Thanks for commenting.
  • Sebastian Onciu  05-07-2017
    I would love to travel to the Republic of Molossia and meet the president of this special country; I hope he's a democratic leader and not a tyrant who rules with an iron fist over his six subjects, and if that's the case, getting Molossian citizenship might sound quite interesting for some individuals, so the population of that amazing country might be double one day. Long live the Republic of Molossia and the other micronations, even if nobody wants to recognize them!
    reply 1
    • abhi_bangal  05-09-2017
      Hey, in the first place sorry to get back so late to your reply. Hahaha, I'm really amused to read that you want a citizenship of the Republic of Molossia. I wrote that article but this thing never touched me as it did to you. And how about ruling just six subjects. This thought indeed is amusing in itself. Anyway, try for my citizenship if you happen to get one for yourself. By the way, you thought of getting the citizenship of just one country :D :D??
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