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How To Draw An Altitude Of A Triangle
Published By abhi_bangal on 2012-05-26 2643 Views

As there are three sides and three angles to any triangle, in the same way, there are three altitudes to any triangle. Altitudes are also known as heights of a triangle.

Definition of an Altitude

“An altitude or a height is a line segment that connects the vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side.”

You can draw the altitude by using the construction. For this you will need either a compass or a set square. Drawing with a set square is the easiest of the constructions as it already carries a 90 degree angle.

Let’s have a look at both the constructions one by one.

Drawing an altitude with a set square

Place the base of the set square exactly on the line on which you want to draw the altitude. Adjust the left edge of the set square so it comes exactly in a right angle from the point that is opposite the line. Now make sure that the set square does not move. Press it with one hand and draw a line from the vertex up to the horizontal line on which you have rested the set square. Your altitude for the triangle is ready.

Drawing an altitude with a compass

Place the metal point of the compass on one of the vertices of the side where you want to draw the altitude. Then taking a suitable distance, make an arc on the opposite side. Then without changing the distance of the compass, make another arc, which will intersect the first arc. Here, the point of intersection is important for drawing the altitude.

When you get the correct point of intersection, adjust your scale so that the vertex – from which you have to draw the height and the point of intersection are in one line. Then draw a line starting from the vertex towards the point of intersection.

Your altitude is ready!

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