Popular Comedy Serials In India Part 2 Of 3

Shriman Shrimati
Shriman Shrimati is another well written comedy on the small screen. The programme is a light-hearted situational comedy. The actors in the serial are Jatin Kanakia, Rima Lagoo, Archana Puran Singh, Rakesh Bedi and Ajay Nagrath. As this is a situational comedy it does not convey any social message but was and still is one of the comedy serials ever made in the history of the Indian television.

India’s premier television channel Doordarshan first showed it way back in 1989. Later the serial was also aired on SAB TV.

Jatin Kanakia played the character of Keshav Kulkarni. He is also

known as Keshu for Keshav or Keku for Keshav Kulkarni. He is the protagonist in the serial.

Reema Lagoo played the character of Kokila Kulkarni. She is also known by the name Koki. Mrs. Kokila Kulkarni plays Keshav’s wife who is a homemaker.

Archana Puran Singh played the character of Prema Shalini. She is also addressed as Doll by her husband and Prema ji by Keshav Kulkarni. Prema Shalini is a popular Bollywood film actress.

Rakesh Bedi played the character of Dilruba Jarnail Singh Khurana. His wife fondly called him Dil. He plays the homemaker husband.

Ajay Nagrath played

the character of Chintu. Chintu is the son of Keshav and Kokila Kulkarni. He is a comic character by being slightly overweight.

Mirch Masalan
Mirch Masala was another comedy serial involving Jatin Kanakia. Mirch Masala was much like Shriman Shrimati.

SAB TV still holds the edge while catering to mainly the comedy serials. Even today there are quality serials where you get to hear newer jokes and punch lines all the time. In today’s serials, there is FIR, which is the most prominent one.

But there is one fictional show that is the crest of the channel these years. We are talking about the programme Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma. It is one of the finely written shows. The protagonist in the show is Dilip Joshi who plays the character of Jethalal Gada. Actress Disha Vakani plays the character of his wife called Daya. It is a show that highlights the problems a common middle aged man always faces.

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