What Is The Meaning Of The Olympic Rings?

A lot of talks about the Olympics are taking place at the moment. Even though the Games have ended, the news items that are pouring in are about the player performances and the disappointments due to their (non) performance [most of this holds true for the Indian players]. But let us look at a different aspect of the Olympics.

The Olympic rings are the ones that I would like to speak a bit about. There are five rings that we always see when it comes to these Games. Three of these rings are in the upper row while two are in

the lower. All these five rings are entangled in each other, though not each of them crosses the remaining four.
Blue, black and red are the rings that make up for the upper row, while below them are the rings in yellow and green colors. The five rings stand for the five continents. The colors are so selected
so that they represent each country. The colors in the Olympics rings are used in the flag of every nation. That is to depict the unity of the nations of the entire world.

These five rings stand for the five continents. These continents are Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania and America. The American continent includes both the North America and the South America. The rings on the Olympics flag are shown on the white background. The universality of the Olympic Movement is shown through the flag.

The rings that we see these days were not how they remained since the introduction. As a matter of fact, they were shown side by side. A shallow arc accompanied these five rings. The pattern then changed and has become common in the way we see them now.

The next Olympics will be held in the year 2016 in the city Rio. 

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