A Welcome Decision To Call Of Selling The Site

It has been a pleasant surprise to hear that one of our favorite sites is not going to sell anymore. I am sure everyone has got an email from the admin – Nikhil Mahajan that the site is not going to be sold anymore. I am very happy to hear the news and I am sure, you all will be.

For the past few weeks, there was a lot of chaos about the site being sold off. It was one of the most shocking incidents I had ever heard of. I love the site and it was quite heartbreak for me

then. A lot of writers had posted their thoughts in the form of articles about their feelings towards these unwanted developments.

However, the mail that I got just less than 5 minutes ago has prompted me to write this article. I am sure a lot of writers will again get back to the active mode after hearing the good news. I am also one of them. I was dying to come back here to

write and write and earn whatever I could.

However, honestly speaking, I had no idea, just like the admin, as to who the new owner would be and how he will handle the site. Nikhil Mahajan has done a great job of bringing the site the reputation of what the site can boast of today. So, I think it is a great decision of holding back the idea of selling the site off.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the admin. Not getting buyer in the current state of the site will certainly prove to be a good decision in the days to come. Whatever has transpired in these few weeks has happened for the good and I am sure everyone will see this in the positive perspective.

So, those people who were not ready to be as active as they would have liked to, can come back to the site and take the new opening to their writing career.

Article Written By abhi_bangal

I am a professional writer and also run a couple of sites on technology and blogging.

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