Study Claims Facebook Making It Difficult To Forget Your Ex

How would you cope with your broken relationship? What’s the way out to forget all the memories if you really want to forget your partner with whom you just broke? Well, delete and destroy all those things that take you back those good old memories that come back constantly to haunt you.

But how practical and easy is it to forget one’s ex? Well, with the means to keep the photos, videos and all the memories in the digital form, forgetting one’s ex is getting extremely difficult. There could certainly be loads of people who keep the various possession with them

that can take them back to their ex.

According to physiologist Steve Whittaker, the downside of the collection of such digital possessions has hardly been taken into account. There can a range of digital collection like the images being the most popular form apart from videos and any other media like music or messages. All these things need to be disposed off appropriately especially after the end of a relationship.

For anyone, it is very easy to access the digital media stored with him.

The easy access is another problem getting over the broken relationship. It is easy to rekindle the moments and bring them back to life in the form of memories. It is fine up to some extent where it can be used as a defense mechanism. However, over using the same is not a welcome decision.

The people who get their heart broken wish to come out of the traumatic-like condition. However, deleting the digital memories for good is a tough decision as the same can never be brought back once again. In some situations people still are not ready to delete the entire stuff permanently as that action may prove to be an act that can never be undid.

The digital life and taking such decisions can certainly be a tough job on anyone’s hands.


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  • Sebastian Onciu  19-08-2017
    No matter how hard it may seem, deleting those memories completely is the best solution, otherwise, we would keep on returning to them in an attempt to remember only the beautiful moments of our past relationships. The past will haunt us and it will basically prevent us from enjoying the present unless we delete all those pictures or videos from our Facebook or other social media accounts and move on with our lives.
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    • abhi_bangal  19-08-2017
      Indeed you are right. Most of us are on Facebook today and it is very easy to search for those people too who we might not need to stumble upon. I agree with you that the past will come back to haunt us. They do move with us as we move on. However, if we aren't on any social network, only then it's possible that we might get a chance to forget those people. Anyway, let's always good to move on in life.
  • Fblaster  06-05-2014
    It's not as much as wanting or not to delete digital memories, it's that too often those memories are out of your reach, giving as as example facebook. That's why I think people should be very carefull about what they bring to the internet, and should think twice before sharing their whole life online.
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    • abhi_bangal  15-08-2017
      You're right. Social media has both its upsides and downsides. I believe that FB does indeed make it difficult to forget our ex. And I believed in that and that's why was pushed to write it. At times, we do tend to search their names, sometimes just for the fun of it and sometimes when we really want to do down the memory lane. At times, we can be curious to see what those people are donig now....
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