Sachin Tendulkar Loves Centuries And Cars

On more occasions than one, it will not be wrong to say that, there is very little that we know about a world-famous personality. We know their likes or dislikes etc. Sachin Tendulkar, the batting genius from India, is one such living example.

You might have seen him taking on the bowlers from around the world and giving them nightmares galore with his explosive batting. Bowlers on various occasions have admiringly admitted to this. Even many of us might know his on field likes, but how many of us know that he is one man who is an avid fan of

driving cars at high speeds?

Felt surprised? But yes, that is right. The batting ace gave an example of what he loves when he tested speed and held one and all in awe, whoever saw it. But what is it that the people around him saw? He showed how quite comfortably he can handle cars like the Caterham R500, Mercedes SLS AMG, and an Aston Martin Vantage V12. He has given a candid admission that the fast cars really excite him.

He was comfortable while

driving at the Chobham circuit. It is the circuit which has 3.5 KM track that has mind-boggling turns and twists that only a trained and a skilled driver can negotiate at high speeds. However, Sachin Tendulkar proved that he is that one man who can see eye to eye with these turns too. His driving abilities showed that he can do more than slamming the ball around.

Believe it or not, the master batsman drove at a high-speed of 200 kmph. For Sachin Tendulkar, living life in the fast lane was nothing special. The 200 kmph mark was just as easy as he found scoring the 200 runs in the One Day International against South Africa.

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