Sachin Tendulkar Asks Selectors To Decide His Future

There have been innumerable discussions on if Sachin Tendulkar should keep playing for India or not. The topic has, in fact, become a hot discussion and many fans and critics have jumped in to express their views on this. This is a matter of great dispute amongst his fans who are feeling both ways.

Some people feel it is time the 39 year old prolific batsman hangs his boots. While there are some other people who are still supporting the Master Blaster. In fact, has delivered a googly to everyone, including the selectors and his fans. There is a lot of

history to these developments.

Many people have been saying that it is time for Sachin to call it a day. However, each and every time this issue cropped up, he said that he knows it best and he is himself going to take the decision on his playing. He also said that no one needs to tell him how long he should be playing.

But when he approached the selectors and asked them to decide his

future, it might have certainly come as a shock to his fans. Sachin is indeed reeling under poor form and pressure. In the second Test match against England in his home city of Mumbai, Tendulkar could score only eight runs in each innings.

He has also been averaging poorly in the Tests that were played during this calendar year. The average is only 22, which is certainly not befitting a player of Sachin Tendulkar’s stature. Even if it should be admitted that form is temporary and class is permanent, Tendulkar is indeed performing below par.

Former India batsman Sunil Gavaskar has taken Sachin’s side in this debate. He said that it would not be right to single out the great batsman. He added that Tendulkar has the capacity to show his class and he should not be taken for granted either due to his poor form or increasing age.


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