Rozlyn Khan Goes Command For M S Dhoni

It looks as though glamour has got into cricket more than cricket itself. Bollywood and cricket go hand in hand in India. Though the cricketing bodies cannot control the glamour and the entertainment celebrities outside, yet people in the tinsel town are very closely related with the most favorite sport of India. You might have got it right by now that we are talking about the Indian Premier League – the IPL.

After Poonam Pandey used the last year's ICC World Cup, to become a household name today, it is Rozlyn Khan for the IPL. The hot model went commando in

support of M S Dhoni – the captain of the Chennai Super Kings. She posted her dare all bear all photos on the internet after the final match between the Chennai Super Kings and the Kolkata Knight Riders.

It is fine to do some extra-ordinary things in support of someone as individual or a team when they win an important tournament or achieve a landmark victory. However, it has been an exception on part of the sexy Razlyn Khan

to come out in support of M S Dhoni.

Pledging something out of the way for a particular player has become the order of the day for many aspiring models. India had to go to the finals of the ICC World Cup by defeating strong teams like Australia and Pakistan. May be Poonam Pandey thought it might not be possible for India to go through to the finals and win it too.
But India achieved the impossible. However, Poonam Pandey got her purpose served by then. Rozlyn Khan was also one such ‘beneficiary’ of a high-profile cricket match. So what would be right to say of these ladies? Should we say that they know how to make hay as the sun shines?

After all, glamour and cricket are not two separate entities now. They both are interrelated.

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