The Power Of Faith - Part 5 Of 20

Someone snatched a cloth from Somnath, in which he had brought their meal and flung it in the air. Naturally, the piece followed the wind’s direction and fell at some distance away from them. One of the boys fetched it and again threw in the same direction.

But this time the breeze carried the cloth further than earlier, as the breeze had grown a little stronger. It happened the third time, the fourth time and still the fifth time too. Each time the cloth traveled more distance than its previous journey. This change was clearly noticeable.

Gradually, all the boys started to

doubt the behavior of the cloth. Why did it go farther each time? There was at least one ‘scientist’ among all the boys who noticed the difference in distance. As Newton found the apple drops down and down only, Rahul noticed that the cloth was going away and away only. They thought that there is something fishy with the cloth.

“What is this cloth made of?” Raghu wondered.

“It is nothing but just a cloth

yaar. Why are you getting so serious about nonsense things?” Someone among them said.

“Does the black color of the cloth make it behave like that?” Vikas questioned.

“Yeah, you may be right.” Nandu tried to frighten all the other boys, as he was the eldest among them all.
“Please do not talk foolish things.” Rahul reprimanded Nandu. “Each one threw the same piece of cloth. But nevertheless, it should not go that far. It is not that solid to go that far…”

“…but the wind is carrying it. There is nothing to get worried about. Common Somu now you throw it away and let us see how strong your mussels are. It is you who still haven’t thrown the cloth until now.” Said Nandu could not keep quiet for long.

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