The Power Of Faith - Part 19 Of 20

“But I won’t allow you to do just any job. You should work here as a gardener. I have some other people here to look after other things. And yes, you will be paid only after I am satisfied with your work.” The Seth commanded.

“So be it, Sir.”

“Start your work from only tomorrow. But before that, first take a look at my spacious garden, and all the other things that you will need for your work. Good luck, my good man. See you tomorrow.”

Saying this, the landlord left for his work giving him ample time to plan his ‘mission.’

He roamed

the spacious bungalow fearlessly, observing how he can run away with the kid. He also planned his escape by monitoring the surroundings of the vast bungalow. He had also kept his excuses ready in case he got caught.

The bungalow was a spacious one. There were high rising compound walls for protection. There were big and sprawling lawns for the kids to play. There were almost all types of flowering plants and large mango trees. Mango trees were in the campus

itself. It didn’t seem to be easy to take away anything without the owner’s permission. To add to Janardan’s worry, were the guards who were always on present around. Janardan found it difficult to carry out his wicked plans.

Janardan worked dutifully, come rain or shine. And why wouldn’t he, after all it was a matter of winning the landlord’s confidence. He had befriended the guards with his sweet talks. But it did not seem that the guards could be bribed. They were honest in their duties.

He had led a pitiable life till now and he didn’t want to live with it all his life. He wanted to become a strong man. However, showing his strength in a foreign place was dangerous. He feared it would spoil his plans and his efforts would go in vain.

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