Paul Octopus – Was He The Real Deal

Who does not know about Paul the Octopus? Octopus Paul first came to limelight around the globe due to his accurate predictions of the FIFA World Cup in the year 2010. His rate of success of predictions for the FIFA World Cup has been 100 per cent. Paul had chosen the winners of seven matches and he hit the bull’s eye on every occasion.

He had even predicted the winner of the football World Cup giving the decision in Spain’s favor against the Netherlands. This match was held on July 11 last year.

How did Paul actually choose the winners?

This thing is

of great curiosity. We have been hearing about Paul for ages. But what actually transpired when he selected the winners? Well, this is how the things went. There were a couple of boxes placed before Paul. The boxes contained food for Paul. These boxes were covered with the national flags of the teams in question. From whichever box Paul wanted to eat first, denoted his prediction.

In 2008 Paul first came into limelight. He had made predictions about Germany’s

wins in the Euro 2008 cup. Germany had played six matches then. Out of the six, Paul envisaged four correct results. It gained momentum and then there was no looking for Paul.

A little about Paul

The exact date of Paul’s hatching is not known, but it is estimated that it could be January 26, 2008. The great Paul breathed his last on October 10, 2010 – in just about three months after ‘giving’ the World Cup to Spain.

Nonetheless, he was just a common octopus like any other from Weymouth, England. However, his ability to forecast made him extraordinary. He spent his life in the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany. There were news reports that he had even predicted the results of the Russian presidential elections as well. However, for obvious reasons, they are not disclosed yet.
Now the question is who is next in line after Paul?

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