Nostradamus And His Prophesies

Michel de Nostredame is better known as Nostradamus. But what is Nostradamus better known as? Well, the entire world knows that, Nostradamus is known for his prophesies – a prediction about what will happen in the future. Nostradamus was born in St.Remy-de-Provence. His date of birth is not sure and is expected to be something either 14th or 21st December 1503.

Nostradamus died on 2 July, 1566. He lived for only 63 years, but he contributed a lot. He lived in Salon under the French regin of King Henri II and Queen Catherine de’Medici. In this period, Nostradamus made many prophecies.

As his prophecies were accurate King Henry II gave order for more prophecies from Nostradamus.

One night as Nostradamus was in his room on 1st floor of his house, angels came in and Nostradamus remained spellbound. He just gazed into a bowl filled with water on a tripod. There were tiny water droplets in the air and on the surface of the

tripod too.

As Nostradamus was alone in his room, the magical angels directed him for about seven days. It is said that Nostradamus wrote prophecies from the inspiration of the angels. He went on to write the prophesies from 1555.A.D to 3739.A.D.

This is a total prediction of 2184 years. Out of these 2184 years, 455 years have passed and there are still more 1729 years to go. However, there is no unanimity on the predictions done by Nostradamus. Some say he is the greatest predictor of all times, while some still argue.

Nostradamus first wrote an almanac in the year 1550. It was a huge success for Nostradamus. He then was buoyed by the success and decided to go for more writings. All of them were popular and were well received. In the years to come by he wrote at least eleven almanacs, in which he wrote about 6338 prophesies in all.

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