Understanding The Concept Of Things We Cannot See


When we look at a light bulb burning we cannot see the electricity at work. Yet we believe the underlying concept. When sending a fax or email information is transmitted almost immediately. Much of life functions is this way, where something tangible cannot be grasped and fully understood. On a similar note we question the invocations and supplications of prayer and other spiritual actions.

Man has yet to discover so much more in the field of science and discovery. On a very metaphysical level , the concepts of intuition and sixth sense comes into play. We can feel something strongly

but cannot explain it fully.On a similar note we pray to God, we sometimes wonder how the message gets through, finding its way through the entire cosmic entity.

When we love someone strongly, there is no particular reason attached to this love and attraction, but just a notion of love , not knowing why. If this was not the case, then we would all be attracted to and in love with everyone on this planet.

A difficult subject to explain fully. The magnetic focus , of lenses of the eye, upon which the idea of a camera is based. We can see and enjoy the beauty of sight, yet no one can tell how this came about and why?

These incidences highlight a very important fact, that we are not here by some accident. Much of actions and happenings can be accounted to free will, leaving destiny out of the picture completely.

But then again major factors affecting a persons life, cannot be accounted to only free will alone. Births, deaths, paths in life somehow point in the direction of destiny at play.

So many different views to the same subjects and man can argue till he turns blue in the face. The answers, still to be discovered, will leave the concepts open to many different discussions. In most instances we are trained what to believe and what not to believe.

If thought and contemplation takes place on an individual level, without a sense of general guidance, chaos will become the order of this world.

However much we refute or deny the origin and existence of the unknown, it is still there for contemplation and mans experiment. The day folds into night without pressing a button, but happens in synchronized harmony. The sun fades away to be only replaced by the moon. Yet both entities provide physical light, only at different points of the time cycle. We don’t wake up at night to find the sun shining in all its glory.

An interesting point to ponder and reflect on. The point being made here is, everything does not have to be tangible and visible to the naked eye in order to be understood or be in existence. 


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