Need For Meditation Part 3

Let us have some details of pranayam, meditation and yoga.


A lot of intricate kriyas of yoga are known to enhance concentration, and help in reducing nervousness and stress. Students should invariably practice these kriyas so that they can remain relaxed during the exam days.

Holistic healing measures like pranayam are helpful and advantageous for many disorders. Pranayam itself means the breath – the life in you; praan means life. If you are alive it very much means that you are breathing. The process of breathing shows life. And so pranayam is nothing but breathing scientifically. Yoga also shades off your negative

thoughts and brings out the confidence and positivity out of you.


As Yoga helps in establishing a spiritual link with the Almighty, meditation proves to be an important element in most of the yogic asanas. Yoga purifies the spirit, which can be done by carrying out the dhyana or concentration in your life. It offers answers to man’s spiritual needs and in demystifying the meaning of life.


As a session

in the gym is useful for the toning of your body, in the same way, Yoga is beneficial for the happiness and toning of the mind and body of course. Ancient asanas like Bhujang asana,Uttan Pada asana and Matsya asana are known to be effective postures for strengthening the muscles and in reducing stress.

The best time to meditate is the time during dawn before the sun rays start falling on your body. If you finish your meditation in time, you can sun bathe as long as the sun rays are mild. That will also help you to get the important vitamins for your body.

All in all, the more correct combination you get, the more effective results you will get. It is all a matter of practice.

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