The Magic Of The Number 9

Mathematics is a very interesting subject, though it is the truth that due to its complicated rules and laws, many find it either boring or students fear it. However, if you look at the subject neutrally – just for the fun of it, then you will find a lot of joy in it.

There is a lot of fun in numbers. The operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division carried out with specific numbers yield interesting results. There is one such number – 9. It is a magical number. Let’s find it out, how.

If the sum of the digits of any

number adds up to 9, then that number is divisible by 9. E.g. 225 = 2+2+5=9. So, the number 225 is divisible by 9. If the sum is not 9, then the number can’t be divided by 9. You can try this out for any number.

Let’s continue the fun with 225. If you write 225 in the reserve order, the number you get

is 522. Now, subtract 225 from 522. The difference is 297. The difference can be interpreted in two ways. First, the sum of the digits is always in the multiple of 9. And secondly, as the sum is in multiple of 9, the difference (297 in this case) is always divisible by 9.

However, you can go on to consider any number and check the fun with 9. Let’s suppose 478 this time. The number 478 has been taken as such a number which is not divisible by 9. Now, instead of writing the number in the reverse order (874), you can create any new number by exchanging the order of the digits.

If we consider 784 still it would be okay. Now as usual, get the difference between 784 and 478. The difference is 306. And as you may notice that the number 306 is also divisible by 9.

There are some more tricks associated with the number 9. Find them if you can and enjoy the magic of 9.

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