The Lord Has Given Us Everything - Part 2

A spiritualistic eye will tell you that it is His powers that give these people the inner strength to think that all is well with them. So, the birth which He has given us, the body that He has given us is equally valuable. Use it to serve others.

Some people complain, had I got so and so thing, I would have done this and that. Had I got the opportunity, I would have certainly helped the needy. There are such people who are revolving only around the ifs and buts and blame their losses and hide their inefficiency, saying that

they were helpless due to the certain circumstances.

Therefore, it is necessary that we believe in Him and have trust. Many of us might have heard the saying that when god closes one door upon you, he opens ten others. I have experienced this thing ever since I started writing online. At times there was nothing for me to write. I was not into blogging with that much passion as I am today.

I did not

have any other source as well. Or maybe the sources were there, but were unknown to me. There were a lot of things that I had to sort out. But things just were not going my way. During all these good and bad experiences, it struck to me that there is nowhere to go except ask Him for help. No one can give unselfishly as the Lord himself.

There is a trend of philosophy in spiritualism saying not to demand anything from God. They say, he knows everything about you and you need not tell Him your wishes. But what is wrong in asking to fulfill our wishes? After all, it is He who can accomplish them.

Remember, as a kid, we used to cry for certain things and make demand to our parents. If we consider ourselves His children, then what is wrong in demanding things from the Almighty? Be honest with your devotion and ask Him your wishes!

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I am a professional writer and also run a couple of sites on technology and blogging.

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