The Lord Has Given Us Everything - Part 1

According to spiritualism no human being is poor. All are equally affluent. We have been bestowed upon with the power of vision. Now, just close your eyes and imagine that you are blind. Now again imagine, that there is your favorite thing or person in front of your eyes and you want to see him or her for real. You are dying to see your beloved but you cannot. Oh how pitiful it is!

Not only that, there is nothing except darkness before you. You will instantly compromise on anything to see again. And suddenly you realize the power and importance

of vision.

The same goes for hearing experience too. We curse the sounds which we are compelled to hear, reluctantly. That upsets our tempo and rhythm. It throws us off-mood. But now, imagine if we were deaf, we would never have been able to hear the birds twitter, the rain drops fall. A mother would never have been able to hear her baby’s ‘Mama, Mama’.

The same, again, goes for having two hands, two legs a nose and all our body parts which are in perfectly good working condition. You will not compromise on any able limb even

if you are offered precious gems and stones; because all are quite aware of the pains of being a handicap. And moreover you are accustomed to using your body parts all these years and suddenly parting with them is just not cricket.
Now that said, not all are able-bodied humans. Some are handicap by birth and some become handicapped due to their misfortune. But that does not necessarily mean that they are disabled, or that they are inferior to others anyhow.

We pity the handicap; we pity the disabled because our pity is through the materialistic view only. And we pity only when we actually are not able to do anything for them. Those who do not take pity on them, work for them. And those who do not work for their rehabilitation, pity them. Many of us might have seen leg-less people cycle faster than us, dance to rock music and do all kinds of daily chores that would bring shame to a healthier one. What gives them the power to do all this? What drives them?

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