How Much Do You Know About The Technicalities Of Cricket

Cricket is no less than a religion in India. There might not be a single house in the entire country who does not know what the game of cricket is. The young and the old like the game equally. Many of us have definitely played cricket at some time in our lives. But how many of us really are aware of the technicalities.
Let us have a look at the favorite game closely.
Pitch in Cricket
The strip at the center of the cricket field is called the pitch. The official length of the pitch is 22 yards, which is

approximately 20.12 mts. This length is counted from the wickets. Wicket means the three wooden rods which are known as stumps, which stand next and opposite to each other. The width of the pitch is 10 feet – approximately 3 meters wide.
Stumps in Cricket
One set of wicket consists of three stumps. The game of cricket is played with two such sets
of wickets. Small wooden shafts are placed on these three stumps – wickets. Did you one interesting thing about the stumps / wickets? Until the year 1775, there were only two stumps and only one bail that rested on the wickets. It was only after this period that the third stump – the middle one was introduced. This also raised the need for the second bail.
In modern-day cricket, the pitch is covered with a thin layer of natural grass. However, before this, coir mats were also used which were laid on concrete slabs as a pitch.
From the stumps towards the pitch, a white line is drawn across the pitch on both the sides of the wickets. This is known as the crease. Do you know, there are four types of creases – one popping-crease, one bowling crease, and two return creases? Bowlers and batsmen are bound by law to use these creases.

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