How To Get More Votes In Yahoo Buzz

Among the bloggers, there is a lot of competition out there to get our content on the top. There is a need to let the content or the link to appear on top sites like Yahoo, Digg, Facebook and Twitter etc. Speed is important at such times too. You should put up your content as soon as it is published.

Yahoo! Buzz is one such important contributor when it comes to sharing links. As there is a lot of traffic on Yahoo!, chances are your content will be read and your blog be visited by many out there. If you follow

these rules, you will surely feel the increase in your traffic.

Use buttons both at the top and bottom:

This is one very important suggestion. Use the Yahoo! Buzz button at the beginning of your post and at the end as well. Don’t take it for granted that, visitors will scroll up or down and click your buzz button to get things going for you.

No, never. Your readers are lazy fellows and so you have to give them the options at both the top and bottom of the article to Buzz your article.

Use bigger buttons:

Put possibly bigger Yahoo! Buzz buttons. Yahoo! has buttons of different shapes and colors. Use cross matching colors to get the buttons look prominent. This will attract your readers to the button instantly. Your readers should vividly see the buttons so that it should not happen that by chance you did not give your visitors the chance to Buzz.

Buzz everything:

This is the most important suggestion. You have to literally buzz everything that you publish. Leave no article or your published materials go unbuzzed. The more you buzz the more chance you stand to get more readers. And more readers means more votes.

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