How To Become A Firefighter - Part 1 Of 2

If adventure is in your blood and nothing can make you sit quiet, you can go for a profession that will bring the daredevil out of you. Such a profession can also make you an earning hand for the family. There are many such professions one can think of. Being a firefighter is one of them. If you are looking at this adventurous career seriously, here is how you can realize your dream.

Determine if that’s your profession
Being adventurous without understanding the risk is pure stupidity. So, if you think you can dare even the most difficult situation, it is

fine. But, that should not be overconfidence. Being a firefighter is not easy. You cannot predict in how difficult circumstances you may have to work. Though there are arrangements to train aspiring firefighters, you have to make a decision whether your daredevil attitude is indeed going to help you and the society.

Firefighting is a team effort. This means you will have to work with other team members. Is it in your nature to work with other people or are you reserved? If you are of a reserved nature can you open up to other people if you land a

job? Answer these questions honestly. If the answers are positive, you may go ahead. An exciting career is waiting for you.

See if you meet the requirements
There are some rules that are laid down for hopeful firefighters. The reason is that firefighting requires one to be physically fit. The foremost requirement is that of the age. In many countries, the minimum age for an aspiring firefighter is 21 years. However, there is no hard and fast rule for this. The minimum required age limit can vary according to the local government rules. The older you are the lesser will be the likelihood of getting the job.

When you complete your school, there will not be any immediate opportunities to you to become a firefighter, because generally students pass out of the school when they are still teenagers. That is why attending college is the best option for you until you are of the required age. Having attended the college can give you an upper hand when you try for your dream job.


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