On Parting(poem)

On Parting

In a few hours,

It’s going to be goodbye,

My heart is full, right up to it’s brim.

Words like scars,

Cut deep enough to die,

But we will survive, hope’s never dim.

We’ll meet again,

The pain, then a distant memory.

We’ll laugh again,

This parting, is only temporary.

Because, I Love You!

And hope you love me too

With all our being-


Poets Note: I believe everyone(most of us, at least) has attempted to write poetry sometime in life. As a teenager, I was fascinated my poetry and rhyme. I had a diary (and it was quite full) of poetry and rhyming lines that I used to pen every now

and then. I lost this little treasure trove of my poems, quotes, and lines, sometime post my teeens. I can't remember  exactly what happened to my diary. I might have even shredded it and binned it.

Since, started writing online at the start of this year(2012), I find myself drawn towards poetry again. But I don't  think I have much talent as a poet besides it's tough to earn from publishing poetry online (in my experience) so I focus more on columns. However, every once in a while, my heart feels the need to speak out and express itself in a poem(like the one above!). Poetry, I believe

is the expression of your heart! 

The poem on parting was addressed to my husband, he who I love so very much. It's special for me. Thank you for viewing it. Lot's of love, avissado. And if you should like to embark on a career in online writing, please do join Expertscolumn(find my referral link below). Expertscolumn is an excellent website where you can publish your original writing and earn from it!  I hope you SIGN UP on Expertscolumn or EC soon. Goodluck!




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