How To Add Watermark To Your Images

Plagiarism on the internet is a matter of great concern for the people who are doing creative work. Creative work can be in any form - writing, images, photography, designing, etc. If there are proper rules that can protect the work, it would be just great. And yes, there are ways by which you can achieve the same.

Today I want to focus on how you can protect your images by applying watermark to your artwork. Before proceeding, remember follow these steps only for your own work. Don't claim someone else's work as your own, if you do not see a

watermark logo.

You will need Photoshop to apply watermark to your images.
1. Open the desired image you want in Photoshop.

2. Select the text tool to the right of your screen.

3. Drag the curser at the desired on the image where you want the mark to appear.

4. Type the desired name you wish.

5. If you want, you can change the font type, size and color you normally do in a word processor like M S Word.

6. Now, in the top menu, go to Layer ==> Layer Style ==>

Blending Options.
A pop-up box “Layer Style” will appear. Here you can give various effects like outer glow or drop shadows. However, it will be worthwhile not to play with other options too much as what you need is a basic watermark.

7. You should see an “Opacity” bar on the pop-up box. Slide it to fade the density of the text. The more you slide it to the left, the more the text will fade.

8. Once you are satisfied with the opacity level, click “Ok” and you are done. The image will now hold the watermark of the text you typed just a while ago.

In this way, you can apply watermark to your images and put the copyright with yourself.
In another article, I will tell you how you can add such watermarks by setting a simple “Action” if you have many files.


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