Ganapati Festival One Of The Most Hopeless Celebrations Part 2 Of 3

Other reasons for changing the ways this festival is celebrated

Misuse of Electricity

I do not remember the word ‘accountability’ ever used in the Indian administration. Everyone wants and likes to use the power one rightfully gets by means of the law. Well, that is absolutely fine and I do not have to say anything about that. But sadly there is no accountability on anyone’s part. No one is held responsible for any wrong happenings.

I would like to state some examples. Nowadays powerful halogen tubes are used post the evening period to throw more light on the decoration done in the pandals.

As the night moves on and the world goes to sleep, the people who matter do not care to switch off these powerful lamps. They remain on in the same position for the next entire day, until it is again time to turn them on.

It is not only against the norms of the society, but also against the laws. There cannot be ever any rational explanation to this behavior. And secondly if anyone has to argue, let me make one thing clear that electricity is a public property. It does not mean that if anyone can pay

the huge bills means he can use (misuse) it anyhow.

If the electricity is getting wasted in such huge sums, then why should one cry foul over load shading? We ourselves are to be blamed. The second reason why no one cares to turn the lights off is because at the end of the day no one has to foot the bills of such misuse. The light connection is acquired by connecting wires from any passing power wire.

What do you think would be the difference if one has to pay for everything they use – including the power?

Noise Pollution

In the ten-day festival, noise pollution is at its pinnacle. The advent of high quality loud speakers adds to the woes. Let me correct myself. It is not loud speakers but electronic DJ sound systems. Let me tell you an interesting example of these modern-day sound systems. The people who rent these systems are real characters. They promise you high quality audio beyond your imagination.

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