Dying To Write Wrote An Article On Phone

Writing is more like an addiction than an obsession, at least for me. When I do not get the appropriate topic to write on or if I cannot think of anything to write, but my mind and hands are itching to work on the keyboard, I know there is something coming out of me. The best place for me at such a time is to search through topics of my interest on the web.

It hardly happens that I do not find anything to write on. When I run through at least 350 words in a matter of about 10 to

15 minutes, I feel at ease. Another place for me is to go my favorite forum site, mylot. There are lots of topics to choose from. Naturally, I prefer to write what I love to and what I feel comfortable with. I am sure there might be some people around here who think on the same lines as me.

There are times when my internet connection is not working or there are other hurdles that do not allow me to work on my laptop normally. This is where my mobile phones come in handy. I use it to type articles

and ‘save’ them as notes there itself. I use my phone, especially if I go out of my house for work or when I am travelling.

Or if I am not able to sleep at night, I use my phone to keep working on when I am lying on the bed. It gives me the freedom to ‘type’ my articles and my time isn’t wasted. This is how I experimented with it. So, this is one article that I entirely typed on my phone. Some of the things I couldn’t do were some spell checks, word count and some formatting.

When I was done, I transferred the article from the mobile to my laptop, did some formatting and published it here. To be honest, I typed the above four paragraphs with the help of my phone last night when I was having trouble sleeping. After my daily routine, I am here to publish it instantly now. I guess I used the time to have one more article at an odd time of the day.


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I am a professional writer and also run a couple of sites on technology and blogging.

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