Drive Traffic Towards Your Site Part 1

Many of us have blogs if not a full-fledged web sites. Today’s bloggers certainly dream of owning a website tomorrow. However, running a blog is an experimental and learning curve and there are many things you know on the way which would help you in the future to run a web site successfully.

There are many people who advice you about which content to keep in the site and what not. However, what is a good blog or even a web site for that matter, if there is no traffic coming in? This clearly points out that, only rich and quality

content is not going to serve your purpose if there is no traffic.

However, there are ways out there to spread a word about your blog or web site. Some of them are free of cost – which of course, take a bit longer. The other means is available if you are ready to spend some bucks. In this article, we will have a look at both these methods. This will also help you to analyze how you can proceed.

We will first of all start

off with the unconventional way – spreading a word about your blog (we will just consider that a blog is to be marketed, as the blogger does not have enough funds to run his own website).

Tell your friends:

The first way is to tell your friends. Your friends will be the surest visitors to your blog, as there is an emotional bond between you and your friend. You can start spreading the word through forums where you have friends. You can request your friends to visit your blog and do some activity there.

Facebook and Twitter:

On the other hand, you can also take the help of micro-blogging websites like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are an integral part of any blog’s success. Even websites depend a lot on this to keep their subscribers and followers updated with the latest postings. When there are regular updates available on your blog, traffic will start flowing automatically.

Article Written By abhi_bangal

I am a professional writer and also run a couple of sites on technology and blogging.

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