Does God Exist - 1

A smart kid was once being interviewed by the principle of a school. When some questions were thrown at the kid, who answered all of them to the best of his ability, the principle suddenly asked, “Do you believe in God?” “Yes”, said the kid, “do you?” Negative was the principle’s reply. “I am a learned and sophisticated man of the 21rst century. I don’t believe in all such rubbish things. I have faith in only with what I see.” Suddenly the kid asked, “Have you seen your great grand-parents, Sir?” The principle remained spell bound upon hearing this, because

he knew the intention of the kid’s question.
Many of us, humans, too behave like this principal, straightforwardly refusing His very own existence. He doesn’t deny ours but we do. A human eye can’t see scores of things in this world, in this universe. Does it then so mean that they never exist? Let’s consider a very basic example of air. Let alone while awake, we breathe even in our sleep. Who keeps this
function going for us? It is not only humans that breathe air. But, there are all the species of various birds, animals, insects, even trees and all the innumerable other living beings that breath air. None of us, however, have seen what air is like. But all have unanimously agreed to this one universal truth. Not only that, He has brought this lifesaving air right up to our nose. We don’t need to go and fetch it from anywhere else. How much more should He serve us?
No scientist has still been able to pinpoint that yes, this is what a soul is; it looks like this etc. The Gita says soul is immortal. And we humans’ leap is only up to this mortal and materialistic world. We can only feel this mortal body, but not the immortal soul that resides in all of us. 

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