Cricket – A Money Spinning Sport – Part 1

Cricket is certainly no longer just a game and certainly not a gentleman’s game anymore. The former has been proved by India and the latter by Australia. How? Let us see. Cricket has now become a money-spinning business. Millions and billions of dollars are at stake for a certain tournament.

The cricketers are earning loads of money these days – so much, that none of us might have ever imagined. Well, let’s for now not speak how Australia are the champions of sledging and this certainly does not behave that of a gentleman.

Coming back to cricket as a business, there are

countless opportunities of earning money – provided you are a good performer on the field. The advent of tournaments like IPL, the Champions Trophy is some of the major sources from which cricketers can earn lots of money.

Cricket is no more a seasonal game now and is played round the year. This has infused a lot of professional in it. Players look at

it as a means of earning money and that is no wrong at all. Actually, money runs after the top players and not vice versa.

The BCCI – Board of Control for Cricket in India has been the richest cricketing boards of all and arguably, the Indian players are one of the richest sportsmen on earth. As cricket is very popular in India, the players are endorsed for a very high amount of price.

To add to that, there is the IPL – Indian Premier League through which the auctioning, players have been earning in millions of pounds. And when the team wins as important trophy as the World Cup – be it 2007 – the inaugural T20 World Cup or the 2011 World Cup, players are showered with love as well as prices. But let us see how the top Indian players are earning these days.

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