Comparison Between Sunny Leone’s Laila And Priyanka Chopra’s Babli

The film Shootout at Wadala has not one, but two item songs. The first song, Babli, was from Priyanka Chopra and the second one, Laila, is from the porn star Sunny Leone. Both songs are a hit, no doubt. But, not both songs have got the same amount of response.

So what are the responses the songs got?

Here are the figures. Babli was the first song to be uploaded, out of these two, on the official page of the film on YouTube. It has been around three weeks now. In these three weeks the song has got around 43 lakh hits.

This shows that the song got just more than two lakh hits per day.

On the other hand, Laila has taken YouTube by storm. It has been just six days since the song has been loaded on YouTube. In these six days, Laila has received as many as 73 lakh hits – whopping 12 lakh+ hits in a single day.

What is the reason for Laila being so hit in such a few days? Can it be the presence of Sunny Leone

in the song? Well, seeing a porn star dance to the tune of a Bollywood item song is certainly more exciting than seeing someone like Priyanka, who is a regular here.

Moreover, it must be admitted that Sunny has taken Laila to a whole new level. The Indi-Canadian adult star has left nothing for imagination and it aptly sounds like an item song. One has to watch the song to know what she has done to it. That is just fantastic stuff and worth watching at least once.

However, that does not belittle the performance dished out by Priyanka Chopra. But let us admit it is just the glamour around Sunny Leone that has brought in more visitors. However, the question is will Sunny Leone be able to bring in such huge hits even when she does another such number in the future?


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