The Careless Family Head – A Monkey Story - Part 1 Of 3

It is one of those stories that always makes me emotional whenever I remember it. It is a perfect example of how the head of the family takes care of his family members and at times sacrifices his life when the need arises. However, when I diagnose the story in more detail, I find that the head of the family should be more aware of his family members, what their attitude is like, how their behavior towards others is and how responsible they are towards themselves and towards their society.

Just taking care of others, providing them with essential things and

protecting them is not going to be enough. It is you who can make them good citizens in life.

Once upon a time, there was this clan of monkeys that lived in a forest which was only moderately inhabited by wild animals. That is why there were a huge number of herbivorous animals. The lesser number of wild animals and abundant number of herbivorous animals made it easy for humans to hunt animals. Animals like deer, rabbit, monkeys etc. always feared for their lives. They could become easy

prays at any time. That is why it was always advised of them to never venture out alone. They should at least be with someone else or be in groups of three or four.

This story revolves around monkeys. In this story, ‘the head of the family’ is a big, aged and experienced monkey. The clan of the monkeys was very happy to be what they were. They had everything in abundance and were living peacefully. They had the freedom of getting their favorite fruits by going a distance away from their base. The grand old monkey ruled with an iron hand. But at the same time, he was strict too. At times, he punished his mates if things turned serious.

But the aged monkey hardly knew that there were some young monkeys there who were unhappy with him and his way of giving justice. They always looked for a chance to get the better of him. They least cared about him. Respect was nowhere to be seen on their faces for him.

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