Arundhati Roy And Shobha De – Take On Anna Hazare Part 2 Of 3

This is what I spoke about the ‘style’. Now let me come towards ‘substance’. Whatever Anna Hazare today is fighting for, is for the comprehensive Jan Lokpal Bill. What’s wrong in the substance Anna is asking for? It is very difficult to comment on this point as ‘substance’ means many more things than just ‘core’. If I make a comment with one meaning in mind, it would mean, the word ‘substance’ was meant to mean something else.

But whatever, the substance is that the Jan Lokapal is for the well-being of the common man. Now, interpret the ‘substance’ at your own


Shobha De

According to Shobha De, Anna Hazare has divided India. This woman who writes in well-known newspapers seems to have taken it for granted that she has got the permission to grant certificates to other people. Well, it is freedom of speech, let us admit it. Shobha De says that, Anna is no intellectual heavyweight.

My comments

It is so poor of such a learned lady to gauge a man like Anna Hazare just from the appearance. Anna Hazare’s appearance like that of a poor man from a poor family might make one think

of Anna to be intellectually poor. However, he has recognized what life is. It is he who knows how to lead life. We all are too poor in front of him.

Whatever I am saying is from my personal experience. Let me tell you the exact things as they unfolded.
When Anna Hazare was still a budding social worker and his name started to make headlines in the local newspapers here (in Ahmednagar), my school invited him as the chief guest for our annual get together. This great man was expected to show up at around 10 am and so did he arrive on time.

The morning session was a one on one talk with the teachers. The teachers of my school asked him various questions and he answered them to the best of his ability. In this way, the morning session of about a couple of hours passed off as scheduled.

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