Amy Winehouse End Of Unfortunate Singing Icon - Part 1 Of 3

Amy Winehouse – the name says it all. Amy Winehouse – one of the most exciting names in the music world. Amy Winehouse – the extraordinary talent in the field of music is sadly no longer amongst us today. Amy Winehouse left us for a better place on Saturday, June 23, 2011.

Amy Winehouse’s Early life and Music Training

Amy Winehouse was born on 14 September, 1984. She had a liking for music since her childhood and it showed. She was born to a Jewish family, to Mitchell Winehouse, who was a taxi driver and Janis Winehouse in Southgate vicinity of north

London. There were two siblings in the Winehouse family. Amy had an elder brother whose name was Alex.

When Amy was a kid, she grew up listening to the songs and music of Frank Sinatra. It was her father who sang the songs for Amy. However, it proved out to be too much for Amy’s teachers to digest. The reason was that, Amy

always kept singing the songs in schools and during classes too. This proved a disturbance for the teachers and they were fed up with her.

It was then her grandmother came forward and suggested putting Amy in the Susi Earnshaw Theatre School. And accordingly, Amy Winehouse started attending the Susi Earnshaw School for her further training. She did not take time to prove that she was the real whiz kid when she founded a rap group just one year later.

The name of the group was Sweet ‘n’ Sour. Though the group was formed with her childhood friend, it did not last long. However, there were enough indications that Amy Winehouse had a lot in store and her future was certainly bright, which she proved in the years to come. She stayed with the school for four years and got the primary music training.

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