9/11 And Life After

It has been more than ten years till now from that dreaded attack on the World Trade Center in the United States of America. America was woken up - cruelly - by terrorists like Osama Bin Laden and Zawahiri. The attacked echoed India’s concerns that terrorism was growing in the world and that India had a lot of threat.
The thing which the US took not so seriously - suddenly coined phrases like 'war on terror', 'war against terrorism'. 'Had the US listened to India's cry probably this 9/11 would have never existed' will also be wrong to say. Because

such attacks take place whatever precautions you take. The same thing was noticed about the United Kingdom's bombings too.
But one feels sorry for those innocent people who lost their lives for no fault of theirs. However, that is what terrorism is after all – killing the innocent. Even laws allow killing - hanging - the guilty, but
no killing of the innocent. If that is taking place it that way, then it can only be terror all the way.
Memories still might be fresh in their minds that had lost their family members, relatives, kin and friends. 'No terrorism is good or bad' were the words of Jasawant Singh - the Indian politician. The NSG Waiver too had come just days before the 9/11 attacks.
The world has changed ten years on and there has not been any attack on the United States until now. That is how the terror needs to be answered. The elimination of Osama Bin Laden has been a great milestone in the United State’s history.
Let us pray and hope that this world really remains a good and safe place to live and that no 9/11 is repeated anywhere ever again. Unity against terror can help achieve this dream.

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