25 Places To See Before You Die - Part 3 Of 3

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China is indeed great. The only man built structure visible from the moon, it was built to ward of attackers in the past. A 4000 mile wall took years and years to build and remains mostly intact even today.

Sears Tower would be responsible for your trip to Chicago. It is the tallest building in the United States. The Sears Tower Skydeck is another such attraction in the US. Tourists throng these two places, invariably.

Ayres Rocks
It is in fact a formation of rocks that stand as much as 1142 feet high. With

an unbelievable circumference of 5.8 miles it is said to change colors. It glows red during sunsets and turns grey during the rainy days.

Berlin Wall
Unlike the Great Wall of China, most of the Berlin Wall has disappeared. However, it yet remains a tourist attraction with whatever is left. The wall constructed to divide Germany, in fact brought it closer with the passage of time.

Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca lies at a high altitude of 12,500 feet. It is an example of the dark blue waters that you would hardly find anywhere else on the earth. Another unique identity is that it is the biggest freshwater lake in the entire South America.

St. Petersburg

can describe St. Petersburg as a unique blend of beauty and architecture. There’s the beauty of the palaces on one hand and the architecture of the cathedrals on the other.

Amazon Rain Forest
The Amazon Rain Forest is the largest forest standing upright only through rains. The only access to the forest is by boat so you can gauge its density.

Say Sydney and Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge will stand before your eyes. The variety in the cuisine of Sydney is a pleasure to experience.

Let’s talk of the country as a whole. Each and every part of the country is blessed with God’s own beauty. It’s not called the heaven on earth for nothing.

Jammu and Kashmir
Though marred by terrorism, the place yet happens to be at the crest of all tourist attractions in India. That is why it is rightly called the heaven of India.

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