11 Ways To Increase Your Battery Life - Part 3 Of 3


Applications are the hidden enemies of your mobile battery unless you terminate them. When done with working with the apps, confirm that they have indeed been terminated. On some occasions, pressing the end key means terminating the apps. However, this is a mistake and should be clarified. You can confirm if the apps are running or not by pressing and holding the end keys.
If the apps are running in the background, they will show up. Instantly terminate the ones that you do not need.

Automatic Updates

There are many phones out there that support automatic updates. Set your own time interval

for these automatic updates so that there will not be undue use of the battery power. Set the interval of a couple of hours or so if possible. Make use of fewer email accounts. This will avoid using the phone for longer durations and for checking all the mails.

Network Connections

If your phone is in the weaker network area, it will use its own (battery) power to try and establish the connection. If the connection is always on and off, it will also use the lights to show the message to show the phone is connected or not. This alone is enough to drain out the battery as this is a regular picture in weaker network areas.

Games and Music

Games and music

are the two of the biggest battery-hungry items. They literally use up the battery power to a greater and faster extent. There are some games which makes very loud but pleasing sounds. One tends to keep hearing them again and again. This of course, leads to more usage of battery.

Music and radio are another apps that are power-hungry. The best ways are to making lesser use of playing games or listening to music and radio. Do understand one thing, mobile is not a device that would fully satisfy your hunger for games and music. So understand its limitations.

Recharging the battery

For better performance, it is advised to recharge the battery as often as possible. This helps in ensure that all the electrons in the battery move freely. The present Lithium-ion batteries are happy to be recharged fully. To recharge the batteries before they get completely drained out.
Try avoiding other features like the calculator, the timers, the conversion meters etc. The lesser use you make of them, the longer will your battery and mobile phone will last.

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