11 Ways To Increase Your Battery Life - Part 2 Of 3

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wi-fi and Bluetooth are the two features which eat up the power of the mobile phones. So, the use of Wi-fi and Bluetooth should be done with great care. Some people tend to leave them on even when it is not being used. This should be totally avoided. It not only uses up the battery, but also puts your handset in danger of a virus attack through the Wi-fi and Bluetooth.


At the most avoid using the ‘vibrating feature’ in your phone. The best places to use them are the school premises, hospitals, libraries, meetings and so on where

it would not look good to pollute the silence or you are either not allowed by rules and laws to keep your mobiles ringing loudly. Vibration uses up more power of battery than anything else.


It may not be a much-talked feature, but the brightness silently keeps on eating through your battery life. The brighter the screen, the more the power it will use and the faster the battery will drain out. The same rule goes for the TV sets as well. The brighter the screen of your TV sets, the lower the life of the picture tube will be.

Wallpapers and Screensaver

Watching the tom run

after jerry on your screensaver may look good. But the end result is more consumption of battery to run the screensaver. The screensaver is one thing that consumes some amount of power to keep itself running. The best way is to keep a simple wallpaper that would not hurt the battery much. Dumping the screensaver option for good will prove beneficial to your mobile battery
Along with that, there is a feature which allows you set the display light out time. Set this time to as low as possible. This will switch off the lights inside your mobile phone at the earliest, instead of waiting for them to be switched off automatically.

The 3G Features

The 3G enabled phones like Blackberry or the iPhone 3G come with browsing features. When you use these phones for browsing, the battery propels its use more than the normal usage of the phone. So, when you are not browsing, the best way is to switch off the 3G feature.

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